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Publishers that rely entirely on advertising face an uncertain future. With a modest contribution of about $1.60/month you help keep IL going and ensure it remains accessible for everyone.

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Why should I pay?

Relying on advertising to keep small publishing projects alive is becoming increasingly difficult. Most advertising dollars are now spent on hyper-targeted, surveillance-based ads by Google and Facebook. IL’s fairly strong ethical stance makes finding suitable advertisers even more challenging.

As a paying IL reader, you help reduce that reliance on advertisers. With every paying member I can incrementally reduce the fees for ad slots, making it easier to fill them with values-aligned advertisers (often smaller, independent companies). With enough paying members, I’ll eventually be able to remove ads completely.

What do I get?

You will be the first to know & get exclusive discounts on my products.

And, you will get the same great newsletter you’ve been getting all along, but with the additional karma points of being a ‘Friend of IL’ – i.e. a paying supporter – that ensures IL’s future.

So, no other perks?

No, at least not for now.

This model is based on the idea that my most enthusiastic, loyal readers are willing to pay a small fee in order to keep IL fully accessible for everyone. It depends on the generosity of those who feel strongly about avoiding a two-class system of free and paid tiers.

How do I manage or cancel my membership?

Easy. After signing up as a Friend of IL, you can cancel it anytime. All payments are handled by Gumroad. Here are 3 ways to cancel membership anytime.

That’s it?

Yep. If you have any questions, just send me an email.

Thanks for even considering becoming a Friend of IL! I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have readers like you. 


– Falak

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