How to find thousands of REMOTE jobs

Developers & Designers

Find thousands of REMOTE jobs Are you unemployed or searching for another job to make both ends meet, check, dailyremote,, weworkremotely,, remotehabits,, linkedin, flexjobs filter and Google niche search “remote job board [location]”, “remote [job type] jobs [location]” And the best way to check them on daily basis is by making a bookmarks folder in your browser or automate these links opening by creating a time or notification bar trigger macro with Macrodroid app for android. If you can’t do it, message me I will make one for you. Learn UI/UX through interactive quizzes Now you can learn UI/UX by super-fun interactive quizzes. You can also follow UX examples on twitter for great examples.

Product Development

Which model generates more revenue? donation or subscription model For the 1st year, JustSketchMe was getting 30K users/mo and roughly making 15$/month through Patreon, Then he tried buy me coffee and it started generating 300$/mo. But he did not stop here and added “save poses” as a premium feature, and started making 1k$/mo in the first month.

Growth & Sales

Has anyone done Quora or Reddit Ads? What are the rough costs, clicks, CPM’s you achieved? ZeroToMarketing used Reddit ads and acquire new email subscribers from Tier 1 countries for around $2 each. Before you put money in one ad platform, check this summary sheet with many parameters for 8 ad platforms by Oliver Meakings.

Content Creators

150+ headlines and resources to attract more customers! Stuck at writing headlines? Checkout The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, or get a list of 143 fill-in-the-blanks templates and headline formulas by Chris Garrett at Authority Blogger and Amy Harrison.

Self Improvement

What is that one article every Indie Hacker must read at least once? According to community recommendations, these articles are must-read for every indie hacker.
  1. The business of SaaS (by Patrick Mckenzie)
  2. The ladders of wealth creation (by Nathan Barry)
  3. Do things that don’t scale (by Paul Graham)
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